How do I refund a winner’s credits to them?

We know that sometimes things happen, and you just aren’t able to deliver an item you have listed on the site.  In those situations it is best to refund the credits to the winner when they request it.  As a seller you aren’t able to refund a winner directly, but there is a way for you to refund the credits yourself.  Three days after the listing ends, the winner is able to request a refund.  Once they do that, there are two options for you as a seller: to either issue the refund, or to dispute the refund request.  If you want to refund the winner, just click the refund button and you are all set.  See the screenshot below.

If you dispute the refund request, the listing and all the facts will be reviewed by a trained site admin, who’ll help mediate the refund request and determine what should be done with the item and the credits.  Note that by disputing the refund request, it’s possible to receive a neutral or negative rating, depending on the outcome of the refund request.  

Tip: Have all documentation, such as delivery confirmation and facts, ready when rejecting a refund request.


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