What are the costs associated with using the Start Bid feature?

There are two costs associated with the Start Bid feature: a listing fee and a transaction fee.

Auctions created with a Start Bid up to 499 credits have no fees at all, but when an auction with a Start Bid amount of 500 credits or higher is created, 50 credits will be deducted from the seller’s account. This listing fee is not refundable once an auction goes live.

There’s also a 10% transaction fee based on the start bid amount if an item ends with normal bidding (not GIN). Example: If you set a 4,000 start bid on an auction, you’ll pay just 50 credits up front for the listing fee. Regardless of how much your item sells for, a fee of 400 credits will be applied when you receive your credits (4,000 × 10%).

A few things to note:

  • The 10% transaction fee is only based on your start bid, not the final bid amount. So you'll know your total cost up front.
  • If the item does not sell, then no transaction fee is applied.
  • Listing fees are non-refundable once a listing has started.
  • If your listing does not receive any bids and it is automatically relisted, you will be charged another listing fee.

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