What are Props?

Props is a rewards and leveling system for all Listia users. You earn more Props for activity such as leaving feedback for a purchase or earning positive feedback after you sell something. The more Props you have, the higher your Props Level, and the higher your Props Level, the more bonuses and incentives you receive. Rewards such as lower transaction fees and bonus Points when you buy can be earned just for being an active Listia member. To use and activate your benefits you don't need to do anything! Your Props Level determines what benefits you get and they're automatically applied to your account!

In addition to Listia-specific rewards, Props also gives users a financial stake in the very networks they are contributing to. In the case of Listia, buying and selling earns you more Props, which gives you a larger and larger stake in the overall Props network. Props tokens are earn-able, withdraw-able, and usable in several other social apps too, with even more coming. Please take a look at the Props Project page for even more info and to find out what else Props can do for you!

Props website: https://www.propsproject.com/

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