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Q: Can I really bid ANY amount?
A: Bidding is not limited by your balance, but in some cases bidders may experience limits when misuse or suspicious bidding activity is detected.

Q: As a winner, if I have enough Points when the listing ends, do I automatically pay?
A: No, even if you have enough Points to pay for the listing you've just won, you will need to visit the listing and provide payment to the seller.


Q: What if my winner doesn't pay, or doesn't have enough Points?
A: Your winner has 3 days to provide payment before you are able to cancel the transaction and re-list the item. You may also reach out to them to better understand the reason for the delay, but it is your choice to cancel or work with them. 

Q: As a seller how do I protect myself from bidders who aren't going to pay?
A: While bidders aren't limited by their balance, there will be restrictions based on how long they've been a member and how much experience they have. Brand new users, for example, will have to earn the ability to bid very high or bid on many items at the same time. As they pay for items that they've bid on, their limits will be gradually lifted.

Q: I'm an experienced seller with auto transferring, when do I receive my Points?
A: Sellers with automatic transferring of credits will continue to receive their Points based on their transferring limits when payment is made (as opposed to when the listing ends).

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