How many Points can I bid?

When placing a bid on an auction, you should choose the maximum amount you'd be willing to pay for the item. While the amount you can bid is not directly limited by your Points balance (you can bid more Points than you have), in some cases Listia may need to place limits on your bidding activity.

  • Newer members start off with lower bidding limits
  • As members gain experience on the site, they are allowed to bid higher amounts
  • In some situations, adding a verified credit/debit card will also allow for higher bid limits
  • If there are items you've won but have not yet paid for, Listia may ask that you provide payment before bidding further

A bidder's limits may also be decreased. This may happen when:

When you don't pay for items you've won, you waste the seller's time and hurt the overall marketplace. Canceled transactions may result in:

  • Strict limits on bidding activity
  • Bidding suspensions
  • Permanent account bans
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