Why are my Points pending and when will they transfer?

Listia places Points into a pending state after a listing ends to protect both parties and to help ensure a safe marketplace for our members. Points will be automatically transferred to the seller when any of the following happen:

  • The winner indicates that they've received the item
  • 3 days have passed after delivery has been confirmed, if you purchased and printed your label on Listia, as long as there are no open/pending disputes
  • 20 days have passed after the listing has ended, and there are no open/pending disputes

As your reputation as a seller gets better, the Points from some of your listings may be immediately transferred to you, bypassing the pending state. Over time, as your reputation continues to improve, the amount of Points that immediately transfer increases.

At times, even for Trusted Sellers, Points may go into a pending state as immediate transfer of Points is a courtesy that we extend to our most Trusted Sellers. This will occur from time to time based on your trusted Points amount, Points being used on the items you are currently bidding on, and your completion rate. It's not due to anything you've done wrong and the immediate Point transfers are likely to resume as the listings are completed/delivered successfully.

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