What happens if a listing ends during site maintenance?

From time to time, as we upgrade the usability and stability of Listia, it may be necessary to bring the site down temporarily while we make some changes. In these situations we will notify users with a 'Scheduled Maintenance' link at the top of the site, which will provide further details. These brief downtimes should typically last no more than thirty minutes to an hour, and to the extent possible, will be scheduled to take place late in the evening (PST time) to reduce the number of people affected.

For any listings ending during the maintenance window, as well as those ending up to one hour afterward, we will shift their end times forward to one hour after the maintenance is over. For example, if we have maintenance from 3 to 4 PM, listings ending between 3 and 5 PM will all have a new end time of 5 PM. This hopefully offsets any inconvenience caused by the maintenance, and should give buyers plenty of time for bidding.

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