What should I do after my listing sells?

Wait for Payment

If your listing ended with Get It Now, then payment will already have been made by the winner. For auctions ending with a high bid, please await payment before continuing with the transaction.

Winners are allowed 3 days to provide payment, after which you have the option of canceling the transaction or messaging the winner and offering them additional time.

Learn more about receiving payment.

Request Delivery Information

The only protected way of receiving a shipping address from the winner is through the shipping address section on the top of the listing page (addresses received via an email message are not allowed and may expose you to unnecessary risks).

If the winner provides an address in the email message logs via the messaging system, please inform them to use the provided shipping address form on the listing page. If an address is stored correctly but looks incomplete (e.g. missing zip code, street number, etc), double check with the winner first before shipping.

Provide Proper Payment for Shipping

Whether or not free shipping is offered, make sure you put enough postage on the package. If you are offering free shipping and the amount isn’t enough to cover the cost of the item being shipped, the item may not be delivered to the winner and they may receive a full refund of the purchase amount.

Securely Package Item(s)

A seller is fully responsible for securely packaging and shipping the item to ensure against damage or loss from normal shipping practices. A common mistake is placing small items in a regular white letter envelope. If the item is fragile or delicate, such as jewelry, avoid placing it in an envelope which can be harmed or damaged during delivery. Envelopes may only be used if the item inside is flat, flexible, and can be sent through a mail sorting machine. Be sure to package your item safely and accordingly, to prevent any damages, loss, or a refund to the winner.

Provide Delivery Confirmation

The best way to track a shipped item is by providing a tracking number. USPS provides these for a small fee, but tracking is extremely helpful for both parties once an item is shipped. Providing a post office receipt of payment is not sufficient evidence of where the item is, so whenever possible, please use a tracking number.

Check out our Rules page for additional information.

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