What is Get it Now or GIN?

Get it Now, or GIN as it is referred to by most Listia users, is when a seller names a price that they are willing to accept to end a listing immediately. Potential bidders can choose to select the GIN option if they simply can’t wait the time remaining on the listing to win the item.  

A seller with the “Sellers Wings” badge can list an item with a GIN price at the time they create the listing by clicking the “Show advanced options” button on the listing page. Once the new options are displayed check the box that says, “Allow users to instantly win my listing.” There will be a small listing fee when the GIN feature is added to a listing, and if it is won through GIN, a % of the amount earned will be deducted from the total sell price.

The Fine Print: A listing with no bids can be updated to add the GIN option, but once there are bids on an auction, the seller is not able to add the feature to the listing.  Once bidding on an item reaches 50% of the GIN amount, the GIN feature is automatically removed from the listing. When an item is sold using the GIN option, the GIN ending fee (%) will be collected then. If an auction with the GIN feature ends without GIN being used, the listing fee is not refunded. This is also true if no one bids on an auction, and if the listing is automatically re-listed, a new listing fee will be charged each time.

Details about the GIN pricing can be found on the GIN pricing article.

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