What is and isn't covered by Listia Assurance?

Buyers get a FULL REFUND of Points:

  1. If an item won on Listia is not received or significantly not as described in the listing.
  2. If a seller changes the listing terms (as outlined in the description) after it ends, and the buyer disagrees.

Sellers can KEEP ALL Points*:

  1. If a buyer does not pay shipping, is non-responsive, or otherwise experiences buyer's remorse.
  2. If a buyer claims they did not receive an item, but the seller has provided a valid tracking number indicating the item was delivered to the buyer's verified address.

*Applicable after a buyer has paid for the item(s). If a buyer does not pay, the seller may cancel the transaction, list the item(s) again, and listing fees are fully refunded.


The following is not covered by Listia Assurance:

Listia Assurance does not cover shipping charges or other arrangements and trades made outside of Listia. The best way to recover shipping charges is to use a trusted payment processor such as PayPal and avoid sending cash or checks in the mail. For complete details, please view our rules page.

Here's some additional information about Listia Assurance also.

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