What should I do after I win a listing?

After you win a listing, take the following steps to guarantee a smooth transaction:

Pay for your item

Items won with Get it Now are paid for when you win the item. For listings ending with a high bid, you will be asked to provide payment to the seller within 3 days of the auction ending. Until payment is made, the seller will not be able to receive your delivery information and won’t be able to send your item.

Learn more about paying for items.

Provide delivery information and optional shipping payment

Once the item has been paid for, provide your delivery information to the seller along with any applicable shipping fees within 4 days. What you need to do depends on how you are receiving your item:

  • Shipping
    Supply a verified shipping address and provide your shipping payment if applicable.
  • Digital Delivery
    Provide digital delivery information if requested by seller.
  • Local Pickup
    Coordinate a time and place for local pickup with the seller.

Wait for your items to arrive

Depending on the item’s location and the shipping service, receiving your item can vary from a few days to more than a week (some items are shipped internationally). Many sellers provide tracking information, but for those that don’t, make sure to contact them if you have any questions about the item’s status.

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