How can I safely pay for shipping?

For listings that require the winner to pay for shipping, the following are the only ways sellers can accept payment:

  • PayPal or Google Wallet
  • Personal checks
  • Money orders
  • Concealed cash

If you are paying for shipping, NEVER send wire transfers.  These types of payments are extremely hard to recover in case the seller does not ship your item or if there are any other issues.  Listia is not able to help recover any shipping costs since we are not involved in the exchange of items or their shipping costs. Using PayPal (non gift or personal payment) or Google Wallet is the safest form of online payment.

After a listing ends, the winner should contact the seller to arrange sending shipping payment.  If using Paypal, do not send payment using the “send money to friends or family” option. ONLY use the “pay for goods or services” option.  Using the “goods or services” is the only way to get a refund should there be a problem later with receiving the item.

If you have any more technical or support related questions about using PayPal, please visit:

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