How are items delivered to buyers?

Listings have a number of different delivery options that should accurately reflect all possible ways that a seller can deliver the item(s) to a buyer. Sellers are responsible for honoring all delivery options that they select for their listings. Items can either be shipped, picked up locally, or digitally delivered.


Physical items can be shipped to the buyer and the region available will be specified. Each region will also have either free shipping, flat rate, or an exact cost associated with it.

  • Free shipping - Seller pays for all shipping costs to the buyer. This must be unconditional.
  • Flat rate - Buyer pays a flat rate specified by the seller no matter where the package has to be sent in that region.
  • Exact cost - Buyer pays the exact cost determined by the location of the buyer in that region.

Local Pickup

Items are allowed to be picked up locally near the location specified in the auction. Typically items that are too large or cost too much to ship are available for local pickup. At the end of the auction a desired meetup location will be agreed upon between the seller and buyer.

Digital Delivery

Items that are transferred online (e.g. email messages) to the buyer must have digital delivery specified as the delivery option. Example items include: codes and electronic gift cards.

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