What is a verified shipping address and how do I create or save it?

A Listia verified shipping address is used to send to sellers when you need an item shipped to you. The steps to create one in are below:

1) Once you are logged into your account visit: https://www.listia.com/account/addresses

2) Fill in your address, then click the "Validate Address" button

3) Your address will be formatted and displayed on the right side of the page. Double check to make sure everything appears correctly. If so, mark "Yes" and then click on "Save Address".

4) If your address is NOT correct, mark "No", click on "Save Address" and follow the tips to verify your address. If your address is still incorrect, submit your address for review and we will assist with it as soon as possible.

5) Congratulations! Your address is now verified and saved in your account!  You can now send your verified address to sellers after you’ve won their listing.

6) If your address is NOT correct, mark No, click on Save Address and edit your address. (Please note that if your address continues to appear incorrectly, save the address anyway, even if it's not correct, then submit a support ticket for further assistance.)

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