What are the costs associated with a Get It Now (GIN) listing?

When Get It Now is used on a listing a percentage of the GIN price will be deducted by Listia as a transaction fee.

  • Sellers can set the Get It Now price between 1-2,000,000 PTS
  • Transaction Fee: 10% of the Get It Now price (taken from the seller)

For example if a seller posts their listing with a Get It Now for 1,000 PTS and the item sells with the Get It Now option, the seller will receive 900 PTS and a 100 PTS transaction fee will be applied. However, if bidding reaches above 500 PTS (half of the Get It Now price) before the option is used, the Get It Now option will be removed and can no longer be used. 

If your listing does not sell and has no buyer there is no fee.

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