How do I set GIN on my listing?

Get It Now is an optional feature that allows sellers specify the exact amount they want to end a listing early. Bidders have the option to "Get it Now" instead of going through the auction process and competing with other bidders. The Get it Now option is available throughout the duration of the auction, until a bidder has decided to use it. However, once bidding on the auction has reached 50% of the Get It Now value, the Get it Now option will be removed and can no longer be used.

The Get It Now option is available for all sellers with the Seller Wings badge.

Below are some screenshots to show the seller’s steps required to set a Get it Now amount.

1) Click Show advanced options on the List Item page.


2) Place a check mark in the Get It Now box to allow users to instantly win your item.


3) Enter a Get it Now amount and the amount You’ll Get and the Transaction Fee will be shown.

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