What types of pictures are best for my listings? Any tips?

Everyone knows a picture is worth a thousand words and the same thing applies to your listings. A good picture can show off your item and attract more bidders. We've noticed a lot of people that have uploaded blurry or out of focus pictures when the item is too close to the camera. Sometimes, something in the background is in focus instead of the item. 

If you have to take pictures of an item close up or if you notice your pictures are always blurry, try to use your camera's macro function. This is usually set by selecting the flower icon on your camera. Along with this you can experiment with turning the flash on and off. The best thing to do is get some good natural light and make sure your item is completely stationary. Holding the item in one hand and holding the camera in another isn't going to produce good results. So, experiment with your camera's macro function and see what provides the best results for you.  If it’s worth taking a picture of it, it’s worth doing it right so that you get the most bids possible.

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