What are some reasons that a user can be suspended or banned?

Users can be temporarily suspended from commenting, private messaging, bidding, and listing items. Display of inappropriate behavior can lead to these suspensions without warning. If suspended, users will be notified via email with the details of their suspension.  

We take fraud very seriously, and prohibit the following actions which can result in a temporary account suspension or a permanent ban. Per the Terms of Service, Points obtained from these actions may be taken away without notice.

  1. A single user signing up for multiple accounts
  2. Creating more than one account on a computer
  3. Creating more than four accounts per household
  4. Shill bidding (when sellers or someone they know places a bid on their listing to artificially drive the price up)
  5. Winning your own listing using separate accounts
  6. Harassing other members through the message system, personal email or any other system
  7. Using hateful/inflammatory language/profanity on the site, in feedback, or in messages
  8. Trying to hack or exploit the website
  9. Accessing the server or website using scripts, bots or other automated methods
  10. Misrepresenting your listings and items
  11. Accumulating credits/Ink fraudulently or unfairly
  12. Accumulating feedback fraudulently or unfairly
  13. Promoting your referral link and/or unrelated listing links via SPAM
  14. Soliciting offline transactions or exchanging any items for cash
  15. Non delivery of items listed when the winner of the listing has provided a verified address through the system, and/or paid the shipping fee within 7 days of the end of the listing.
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