How do I search for items on Listia? What search filters are available?

Here are some tips and tricks for searching on Listia. When following these examples, what you type in the search box is in between the double quotes.

"cat dog" means "cat AND dog" - This is the default mode and it will return listings with both "cat" AND "dog".

"cat | dog" means "cat OR dog" - This will return listings with the words "cat" or "dog" in them. That isn't a capital "i" or a "one" ... it should be the vertical bar on the same key as "\."

"baseball !card" or "baseball -card" means "baseball AND NOT card" - This is probably going to be the most useful for you. This will return listings with the word "baseball" but will exclude listings with the word "card". When you use the "!" or "-" symbol you must have another search term (choosing a category doesn't count). This means searching for "!card" alone is invalid.

"(cat dog) | bird" means "(cat AND dog) OR bird" - Parenthesis can be used to make complex queries. The example given will return listings with the words "cat" and "dog" or just the word "bird." Now for something a bit different, if you did "cat dog | bird" you might think it would be the same thing, but it actually translates to "cat and (dog or bird)". The OR actually has higher precedence than AND.

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