What are the account verification levels?

Listia offers a few ways of verifying your account including connecting with Facebook, connecting with Twitter, and verifying your phone number. There are also 2 verification badges associated with those verifications:

  • Listia Verified  This means that the account has been personally verified by Listia's staff, and the account owner is in fact who they claim to be. This verification applies only to accounts that represent organizations and other public-facing entities (Listia's official account is an example). This it not a badge that you can earn.
  • Verified Account, Level 1  When a user has provided phone verification in addition to connecting with an active Facebook account, they receive this first level of verification. Phone verification means that the user has successfully given us a valid phone number they have access to. An active Facebook account is one that is in good standing and has a minimum of 25 friends.

Visit your Listia verification page to check your completion status!

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