What is Local Pickup and how do I create a listing with that delivery option?

Local pickup is a great alternative to cut down on your trips to the post office. We try to help make your local pickup exchanges as best as we can with saved meetup information. When a listing ends it is up to the seller to provide their preferred meetup information. This information is used purely as a tool to help the seller and buyer meetup. Below are some other helpful tips for local pickup:


Local Pickup Listings: Listings that have local pickup available will have location details filled in and a map should also show the general area where the seller is located.

Listings With Both Local Pickup And Shipping: When you win a listing with both local pickup and shipping options you are given the option to pick one at the end of the listing. If you want your item shipped, send your verified shipping address to the seller. If you would like to pick this item up locally, notify the seller using the tools on the listing page and they will provide you with their preferred meetup information.


Listing: When offering local pick up be sure to specify the city and state that you'd like to meet in the "Location" field. Potential buyers will use this information and the map associated with your listing to determine if they would like to pick your item up locally. On the listing page a map will show up when you enter your location if we can find your location on a map.  Do not enter in your exact physical address -- a city and state is preferred.

Provide Your Preferred Meetup Information: When your local pick up listing ends you are responsible for finding a time and place to meet with the buyer. You can save your most commonly used addresses and phone numbers in your account page and then send them to the buyer.

Offering Both Local Pick Up & Shipping Options: If you provide both shipping and local pick up options the buyer will choose which method of exchange they would like to use at the end of the listing. You'll be notified via email if you've received their shipping information or if they need your preferred meetup information. A buyer may change their mind only if they would like their item shipped instead of picking it up locally and you will be notified of this change via email.

Updating Sent Meetup Information: If you've already saved and sent your meetup information to the buyer you have the option to update this on the listing page. Each time you change this information the buyer will be notified via email that you've made these changes. If you select a meetup address or phone number and then edit that information in your account pages, those changes will not be reflected on older listings that used this information. To notify the buyer of your updated changes you must select the newly updated information on the listing page.

Managing Your Meetup Information: You can manage your saved meetup information here.

As a reminder, all users on Listia are both buyers and sellers, so we all share these responsibilities and tips. Check out our Rules page for additional information.

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