How do I request a refund from the seller?

If you need a refund, you can request it directly from the listing page.  Below is an image showing the location of the request refund link:


You will see a bar at the top that shows the status of your transaction and whether or not you are currently eligible to request a refund. We disable the refund link for the first 72 hours after the listing ends in order to give you enough time to communicate with the seller, since not everyone is on their computer every day. Also understand that a seller has seven days to ship an item out after they receive your address or shipping payment.

If you do not see the refund link yet, it will show you how much time is left before it will appear. Alternatively, the transaction may already be closed and we can no longer accept any refund requests since no dispute was created within the allowed time of 45 days.

Upon clicking the refund link, you will stop the transfer of credits to the seller if the transaction is still pending, and start a formal refund request process (dispute). You can then enter in your reason for the refund request and the seller will have five days to respond to your request. If they do not respond within the allotted time, or they agree to your refund, you will receive your funds back automatically.  Otherwise, a Listia admin will step in to review the facts and and make a final determination on who will receive the funds. Alternatively, if the seller and you work the problem out yourselves, you will be able to cancel the dispute from the same listing page.

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