Completing checkout with your credit card

When you need to complete a checkout for a listing and you do not have enough Points, you have the option of using a credit card to complete your checkout. For example: if an item has a Get It Now price of 100,000 Points and you have 20,000 Points available in your account, you can complete your checkout by using your 20,000 Points along with a charge on your credit or debit card for the remaining 80,000 Points.

Some common questions:

When I use my card, am I buying Points?

When you use your credit or debit card with a Get It Now listing, you are still purchasing Points. Those Points are immediately transferred to the seller, so you may not see them in your transaction history.

Does the seller receive dollars or Points?

The Points that you are purchasing are instantly transferred to the seller, and so sellers continue to receive Points regardless of the buyer's payment method.

In the event of a refund, do I get Points back?

If you use your credit/debit card to complete checkout and a refund occurs, Listia will automatically refund your card instead of refunding you the Points that you purchased.


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