How do I send my shipping address to the seller?

Once you win a listing, you can send your Listia verified address to the seller by using the Listia's verified address feature (in order to stay protected by Listia Assurance, do not send it via email). You can properly send the verified address after you've verified it on your Listia profile. If your address hasn't been verified yet, please visit this link -
To properly send your verified address to the seller after you win, click the Send Shipping Information button at the top of the listing page. After clicking the Shipping button, you’ll see all your saved shipping addresses listed. Choose the one you would like to send the seller and click the Send Shipping Information button. Once you do this, the seller will be notified of your verified address, and then can ship the item to you.
Note: In order to stay protected under Listia Assurance, sellers should never accept a shipping address via a message from the winner. Scams are often done this way, so stay protected by insisting that the winner send you a Listia verified address through the system, and not via a message.
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