I didn't get my Points after doing an offer with TrialPay. How do I check the status of it?

TrialPay offers may take up to 48 hours for the Points to appear in your Listia account. Since Listia does not process the offer validation, please check on the offer status by visiting https://www.listia.com/account/offers Click on the TrialPay tab and a link to check on the offer or to contact TrialPay will appear (The link will appear as "Contact Support"). If the link is not there, or the offer you believe you completed is not listed, please contact TrialPay at generalsupport@trialpay.com

Once the company systematically notifies us the offer has been completed successfully, your Points will be added to your account.

Please keep in mind that TrialPay may not recognize the offer if: (1) You do not qualify for the offer because it was previously completed (this includes the same offer provided by another company) (2) The email used to complete the offer does not match the email connected to your Listia account

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