Props level

Your Props level is determined by the number of Props that you hold as well as your grandfathered status (if eligible). Each new member starts at level 1 and as you earn Props your level increases. The amount of Props you need to get to the next level is shown in the Props drop down/pop up. Note, this requirement may change if the market value of Props changes outside of Listia, but your current level will stay the same.

If you were a Listia member before we released Props, you may have been eligible to be grandfathered into a Props level based on your previous account activity. For all the ways to see how you can earn Props, visit:

You can also increase your Props level by connecting an external wallet with Props in it. For more help with that, visit:

As you increase your Props level you earn different benefits including:

  • Reduced transaction fees
  • More Points when you reload your balance
  • More Points when you complete offers
  • More Props feedback rewards

To view your current benefits, click the Props icon in the nav bar or in your mobile app!

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