Props external wallet & withdrawing

On the web app, you can connect an external wallet to your Listia account. When you have a connected wallet, the Props contained in that wallet count towards your Props level on Listia! You will also need a connected wallet if you ever want to withdraw Props from Listia.

Listia members that want to withdraw their Props will need to go through a KYC process. This option is available once you have 500 Props in your Listia account. After your KYC is successfully process, you may withdraw Props from Listia to your external wallet. Props earned on Listia need to be held for 60 days (grandfathered Props upgrades excluded) before they can be withdrawn to an external wallet. The minimum withdrawal amount is 500 Props. Please note, these values are subject to change.

When you withdraw Props to your wallet, your Props level should remain the same because your total amount of Props associated with your Listia account has not changed. However, if you remove Props from your connected wallet, your Props level will be adjusted based on how many Props remain in your account.

To connect a wallet go to your Props balance page, click "Manage Wallet", and follow the instructions on that page:


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