Main and Store Credit Balances

Today on Listia, all of your credits are held in a single balance. With the introduction of Ink, we will have two balances, both denominated in XNK.

Regardless of balance, ALL Ink that a Listia member has can be used for:

  1. Purchasing items on Listia
  2. Paying for listing fees (eg, Get It Now, Start Bid)

Main Balance

All Ink earned from your listings goes toward your Main Ink balance.

In addition to the uses listed above, Ink in your Main balance can be withdrawn to an outside Ethereum wallet. From there, your Ink is out of Listia's hands and in your complete control. You can use it on other marketplaces, send it to anyone you'd like, or send it to an exchange where you could trade it with other currencies.

Additionally, Ink deposited to your Listia account from an outside source also counts toward your Main balance.


Store Credit Balance

All other Ink that isn't earned from listings or deposited will generally go toward your Store Credit balance. This includes:

  • Ink from reloading your Store Credit balance with a credit/debit card
  • Ink earned from completing offers and surveys
  • Ink earned for completing goals and referring friends to Listia
  • Ink earned from other types of promotions

Ink in your Store Credit balance can only be used on Listia, and differs from Ink in your Main balance only in that it cannot be withdrawn.

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