Converting Credits to Ink

After Listia converts its Credits system to Ink, all Listia users will have the option to convert their remaining credit balance to Ink.

The conversion is entirely optional, and is not required to continue using Listia

  • While new listings will be listed and priced in Ink (eg, 250.00 XNK), members will be able to apply any remaining credits they have toward the amount due during the checkout process.
  • Converting your credit balance to Ink, as well as using credits toward a listing priced in Ink, will use the same fixed rate. Therefore, there isn't really a need or benefit to convert credits early.
  • The main reason to convert is to have only Ink, so you no longer have to worry about balances in both Ink and credits.
  • Listia plans to allow members to convert their credits as long as they have credits, so there isn't any rush or urgency to convert.

Credits that were purchased are not eligible to be converted to Ink

  • Those credits can be used to pay for listings you win, regardless of whether the listing is priced in credits or Ink.

Converting credits will deposit Ink into your Main Ink Balance

  • Ink in your Main balance can be used everywhere on Listia, including paying for listings you've won, paying for listing fees, and withdrawing to an external wallet.
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