An Introduction to Ink

The Ink Token (XNK) is a new digital currency that is replacing the existing Credits system on Listia. Everything that uses credits today is scheduled to begin using Ink starting February 28th, 2018 (exact date to be finalized).

Some important notes about Ink

  1. Ink is a cryptocurrency that exists on the Ethereum blockchain
  2. Ink can be used both in and outside of Listia
  3. Ink, unlike credits, can be expressed in decimals (eg, 53.84 XNK)
  4. Ink is the name of the currency, and XNK is the symbol used to denote it

Below is an outline and list of topics to help get you more familiar with Ink, including what the transition on Listia will be like and what new features Ink will offer.

Transitioning from credits to Ink

Your Ink balances

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